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It is implied that, as Heartless behaviour is stated to differ from the behaviour of Nobodies, who create a social hierarchy that resonates throughout the entire species with a single common leader (Xemnas, the most powerful Nobody), Heartless do not possess a hierarchy or common leader. In Kingdom Hearts II, we are even shown Heartless choosing to side with Saïx even though they were clearly in Maleficent's control directly prior to this decision. Obviously, the selection of a leader is based on a capable one actually being around those particular Heartless at the time, so presumably, Heartless who have never been in contact with Xehanort will not work for him. However, regardless of whether they understand Xehanort as a leader (or know he exists) they will still attack people and be drawn to the Keyblade by pure instinct. DoubleCross (talk) 17:21, December 12, 2013 (UTC)

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