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She is. However, Namine is a very special nobody. Not only because she is from a Princess of Heart (Kairi being a Princess of Heart), but because of the way she was created. Namine came into being after Sora released Kairi's heart from his body and soul, Sora did this by using Ansem's Keyblade of People's Hearts. Kairi's body itself never became a heartless because her body is unable to fall to darkness being a Princess of Heart. There is quite a bit to Namine's existence and how unique she actually is, for example, the reason Kairi seemed in a comatose state throughout Kingdom Hearts I, was because Kairi's heart was without darkness (also because she is a Princess of Heart), and therefore her body and soul could not leave the Realm of Light, this caused Namine to be produced without having Kairi's memories but because of the unique way she was created, she also has the power to manipulate Sora's memories and the memories of people connected to Sora. But in short, yes, Namine is indeed, Kairi's nobody. Another note, it is confirmed in Namine's journal entry, in both Re:coded and Dream Drop Distance that Kairi's nobody is Namine, so not only is it obvious, it is easily impossible to disprove. Timelinesplitter Chaos 03:19, October 16, 2012 (UTC)