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Hi everyone, Mateus here.

Just wanted to give everyone an update on how everything is going so far. In terms of the renovation, I'm putting the main page redesign on hold for a while and moving on to the much easier task of updating all the templates. So far, I've completed the deletion template. It now appears as so:

All worlds begin in darkness, and all so end.

This page is a candidate for deletion.

The person who marked this for deletion didn't add a reason for deletion. This can be done by adding it as the first parameter to the template: {{delete|<reason>}}. If you disagree with its deletion, please explain why on the talk page or improve the page and remove the {{delete}} tag.

If the "question" is just a short search term, can you help rephrase it to be a commonly asked question about the term?

In order to apply these to pages, it's as simple as typing {{delete}}. Or to give a reason for deletion, type {{delete|Reason goes here}}. I'll be moving on to other templates soon; protection templates, staff page templates, spoiler warning templates, and anything else. As of right now, the autowelcome template's functionality is... well, undetermined. But possible solutions are already in the works, so we'll see how it goes once new users join.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, or requests regarding the templates. Otherwise I'll be updating this blog with each new template and proper usage of them as they're completed.

Thanks everyone!


Author opinion template has been given a minor makeover:

Then I shall make you see... That your hopes are nothing.
The following content is an opinion. Do not allow it to offend or cause problems, such as flame wars. These opinions are also not the official opinions of Kingdom Hearts Answers, which can be taken to be a neutral point of view.

This can be used by adding {{authoropinion}} to a page. Generally used in questions that have the potential of ending in a flame war.

Protection template now exists:

The darkness may destroy my body, but it can't touch my heart!
This page is a candidate for protection.

The person who marked this for protection didn't add a reason for protection. This can be done by adding it as the first parameter to the template: {{protect|<reason>}}.

If you disagree with its protections from edits by anonymous users, please explain why on the talk page or improve the page and remove the {{protect}} tag.

This probably won't get much use considering there isn't much activity yet, and you're all admins. But basically if a page needs to be protected, be it an archived talk page, a userpage, a page that has been vandalised repeatedly, or a staff page that you want only admins to edit, non-admin users can request this by adding {{Protect|Reason for protection}} to the page in question.

Spoiler template. This one should be useful:

It all depends on whether you choose to believe in me or not.

Plot details for the Kingdom Hearts series follow.

Self explanatory. You add {{Spoilers}} to the top of a page that contains spoilers. Usually only really major stuff, like, I dunno, if a main character dies or something. Unless it's a really obvious spoiler. Like Darth Vader being Luke's father; there's no need to warn people because everyone already knows by now.

New advancements regarding the god-forsaken Welcome template. I'm going to ignore trying to make it automatic as that seems to have failed poorly on all accounts. Therefore, I have merely simplified the process for everyone.


Welcome to Kingdom Hearts Answers, Emperor Mateus/Renovations! Thanks for contributing! I hope you join in and ask or answer some more questions. You can find new and recently edited questions on the activity page. If you need any help, either contact an administrator or check out the help page. We look forward to working with you!


Read closely! For every new user, merely add {{subst:W}} to their talk page and the template will appear as you see it above. It's not automatic, but hey, if Final Fantasy Wiki can manually welcome every new user then we can too. Just a matter of paying attention when new users join.

New template. This one might not get much use but it's handy to have regardless. It's called the Elaborate template, based off the one we have at Final Fantasy Answers. Basically it's added onto questions that don't make any sense. So if someone asks a question such as "Why does Sora?" or "Who's the guy in the black coat?" (i.e. questions that are impossible to answer) just type {{Elaborate|Reason goes here}} and it will come up with this:

What are you trying to say?
Please elaborate on what you meant by "Emperor Mateus/Renovations" .

The person who indicated that your question is unclear failed to note why it was. If you can, please indicate how so by the following code: {{elaborate|<reason>}}.

Because your question is unclear, if you are unable to improve upon it, it will be deleted in 24 hours. Perhaps it will be clearer if you tell which game it comes from, or move it into the form of a question?

Generally the reason you put should be something like asking which game the asker is referring to and whatnot. Basically it's a fancy way of asking for more information before answering. Enjoy.

Note: Currently working on the "upcoming content" template, which is added to questions that regard unreleased games or games that have just been released in Japan etc. This is so that you can add this to the top of the page assuring readers that the information is either not known yet, could contain spoilers for unreleased or new games, or are speculation/facts subject to change. Believe me, when KH3 is announced it will come in very handy.
After that, I'm pretty much done with the crucial templates. There are plenty of other templates that I'm happy to add should you request them. For a few ideas, I'll list the ones we have at Final Fantasy Answers (which we rarely use, granted)
    • Frequently Asked Question template - added to a question that is commonly asked, and groups them under the one category page for easy access.
    • Gameplay Strategy/Walkthrough template - for pages that include walkthroughs or strategy ensuring users that it might not work/different for everyone
    • Edit conflict template - very small notice placed above an edit that has conflicted in another, which is rarely needed.
    • Staff page template - put at the top of staff pages, admin talk pages, or pages restricted for admin only editing.
If you want any of those, or something else that I haven't added, just leave me a message either on my talk page or in the comments.

Upcoming template finished.

What is it that I have failed to learn?
This question is about a upcoming or newly released game.

The person who marked this didn't add what the game was. This can be done by adding it as the first parameter to the template: {{upcoming|<game>}}.

Don't treat the answers as canon or written in stone. They are, in fact, likely to be rumors and/or changed in the localization.

What's more, the answers will be laden with spoilers. Use the {{spoilers}} template to indicate spoilers if you are giving a spoiler answer, but if you are reading the answers, note that not all spoilers will be marked!

The code for this one is {{Upcoming}}. If you wanted to add what game the content refers to, it's as simple as {{Upcoming|Name of game}}. Next up I've been asked for a staff page template and a strategy template.

Staff template.

This is a Staff page.

This page may be restricted to editing by administrators only.

If you're asking a question any staff member can answer, or a request for deletion, modhood, or banning, you might want to ask all of them at once.

Easy as pie. Just add {{Staff}} to any pages that need it. This includes restricted pages or even your talk pages if you want. I'll let y'all decide for yourselves.

Last but not least, the Strategy template.

In my eagerness, I had lost sight of the correct way to achieve my goal.

This question refers to strategy.

This question and its subsequent answers are in regards to strategy for playing the game and/or battle tips. The answers given here are merely suggestions and opinions, not to be taken as fact.

Don't expect them to be 100% correct! Everyone experiences the game differently, so the strategies used in this article may not work for you. If these strategies don't work for you, we're sorry, but there's not much we can do!

Just add {{Strategy}} to the top of pages regarding strategy (i.e. "How to beat Sephiroth in KHII") and you're all set.

And with that, I do believe my work here is done. I still have a home page that I promised, which I'll get around to some time. But by all means, you guys can work on the home page yourself if you had any ideas.
Otherwise, I'll still be around, so if you wanted anything just drop me a line on my talk page. Thanks everyone!

- Mateus

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